Amanda’s Incredible Fitness Transformation!

Amanda attended weekly Hourglass Workout Classes and following the accompaning Eating Plan for these stunning Fitness Results! 

Amanda not only lost over 40lbs on the scale, she also gained a ton of muscle to give her some beautiful curves and muscle tone to boot! 

Amanda's Testimonial

Q) What was your experiecne with the Hourglass Challenge?

A) "I joined Hourglass Workout last summer and have had an amazing results from joining the challenge. Being surrounded by like-minded women all working towards being stronger, and fitter has been so motivational.
Friendly competition amongst the girls definetly kept me on track!
Thanks to all the trainers for pushing me to work hard everyday. Also, to all the girls in the challange for brining out my competitive side!"
Amanda H
Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner

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