Hourglass workout changed everything for me right when I needed it most.

I have always been an active person – working as a staff member running around in busy restaurants and bars; going to the gym, running, etc. etc. Things changed drastically for me when I pursued my career through first adding to my schedule a full-time graduate school program and then upon graduating, transferring from my active job (waitressing/bartending) to an office job (sitting…..a lot).

It’s funny how when your life changes drastically, your routines tend to collapse and it feels as though you are starting from scratch. Building my career had taken the front seat and all of my healthy routines seemed to be left in the parking lot. I went a few years without paying much attention to my physical health, my nutritional intake, or my inactivity. This was likely because of the delayed onset of “symptoms”. However, eventually I started having to purchase new clothing that would fit my new body and my body image wasn’t even the primary motivator for me to make a change. I started feeling worn down, lethargic, bloated, and pretty much sick. All of these symptoms perpetuated my inactivity and lack of motivation to prepare nutritious home-cooked meals, which in turn made me feel significantly worse.

This is when I decided to join Hourglass Workout. I needed a holistic program that would help me to break this cycle and recreate a routine incorporating nutritional and physical wellness. Committing myself to the program helped me to develop a brand new active routine that has challenged me, while also building my confidence, strength and energy levels – not to mention curves in all the right places! Through using a wide variety of equipment and training techniques, the instructors and fellow Hourglass girls push you to your limits and encourage you along the way, while ensuring that you are learning the proper form to safely achieve whatever your goals may be. I learned how to “meal prep”, which helped me to pay more attention to my nutritional intake and ultimately enhanced my energy and mood without having to go on any strict diets. I became so much more in tune with my body and my mind. Within a month, I felt a difference in my mood, energy levels, strength, stamina and overall wellbeing; within 2 months I felt significant physical differences in my body’s function and shape; within 3 months, I was recognized for my physical transformation through Hourglass Workout’s 3-month challenge.  Currently, I am hooked to Hourglass Workout – it’s a place for my mind and my body to grow in the best way possible.



Warmest Regards,

Aubrie J. Vigna