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Success Story: Safiya

Safiya is a long time Personal Training and Hourglass Workout Client who worked with Lyzabeth to perfect her physique and stage presence. Her efforts earned her 1st place in her very first fitness competition!

Success Story: Safiya2017-06-06T11:39:48-04:00

Success Story : Chynna

Chynna is a mama with now two little babies, and a hot mama she is! Chynna trained hard using Lyzabeth's heavy weight Hourglass Body sculpting techniques to build a strong sexy feminine curvy body naturally cinching her waistline and building her legs and booty with muscle. Chynna really increased [...]

Success Story : Chynna2017-06-06T11:39:48-04:00

Success Story: Clodagh

Clodagh is a dedicated Hourglass Workout Client and worked with Lyzabeth to be prepared for the stage!

Success Story: Clodagh2017-06-06T11:39:48-04:00

Success Story: Tyra

Tyra was slim and had a great looking body before she even started training. But, like many women, Tyra did not just want to be 'skinny-fat', she wanted the tone, curves and muscles that you can only get from training and eating a holistic lifestyle. Tyra followed Lyzabeth's Hourglass Training [...]

Success Story: Tyra2017-06-06T11:39:48-04:00

Success Story: Melissa Lee

Melissa is an Hourglass Workout 3-Month Challenge Winner who made a stunning transformation with the help of the Hourglass Workout Bootcamp. Through attending class and following Lyzabeth's custom-eating plan, she did it! Check out her inspiring [...]

Success Story: Melissa Lee2017-06-06T11:39:49-04:00

Success Story : Marina

Marina is a long time client of Lyzabeth's who loves using the TrainWithLyzabeth program. As a 50 years young women, (I know, you'd never know looking at her as she still looks 25).. this beautiful woman worked hard to lift that butt and add some sexy curves to it using [...]

Success Story : Marina2017-06-06T11:39:49-04:00

Success Story : Kerri

Kerri Layne The meal plan and questionnaire is one of my favorite things about Hourglass. The initial enrollment package included a comprehensive questionnaire that would be used in creating my individual eating and workout plan.  It went way beyond [...]

Success Story : Kerri2017-06-06T11:39:49-04:00

Success Story : Chivon

CHIVON JOHN 1) What is your favorite thing about the hourglass Workout? The best thing about the Hourglass workout is the supportive environment that welcomes each participant. Lyzabeth and veteran participants go out of their way to make newcomers feel part of the [...]

Success Story : Chivon2017-06-06T11:39:50-04:00