I’ve been reading a lot lately about body trends. As if it’s not tough enough keeping our shoes and handbags on trend … now our bodies, too? Sigh. But it’s nothing new, it’s been happening for centuries. Think of the super curvy Rubenesque ideal of the Baroque period, the tightly corseted shape of the Victorian era, and the ever-changing “hot bod” of the last several decades: from healthy, athletic, girl-next-door Cheryl Tiegs to rail-thin, “heroine chic” Kate Moss. Right now, the body trend seems to be DD breasts, tiny waists, 6-pack abs, and big butts. Think Jessica Rabbit. Easy to draw in a cartoon, very very rare in a natural flesh-and-blood human female. That’s where surgery comes in – breast implants, sculpting liposuction, butt augmentation. But surgery isn’t for everyone.

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