Brianna’s Sexy Hourglass Transformation

Brianna-Christina has done such a beautiful job with her transformation! 

She joined Hourglass Workout Online (formerly and quickly became a very active community member. 

Brianna has Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism. She followed the program’s Hypothyroid Eating Plan and Gym Training protocol. 

Brianna trained hard in the gym, lifting heavy and training with our progressive overload method mixed with HIITs and Sprints. 

Her body reacted well to this style, and her results were stunning! 

From the eating plan, many of her symptoms were reversed. She was so excited over these changes that she went on to study nutrition herself and started to coach other women suffering from Hashimotos to help them to recover as well. I always love when things come full circle and we can share and help others from our experiences. 

Brianna also helped to beta-test the TWL APP and the Sugar Cleanse. She was such a wonderful and active part of the community. I truly value her friendship and her love for fitness and our community. 

While we’ve never met in person, I feel we’re friends from afar. It’s incredible what a great online community can achieve. I’m so proud of everything Brianna achieved through this program. 

Brianna Marie
Brianna Marie
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Hi everyone! I wanted to re-introduce myself for all of the newbies & of course the veteran OGs like me! Being a part of this community will help motivate you to achieve your health goals. Lyzabeth continues to teach & inspire us all. Trust the journey, do the work & see amazing results. You can read more about my journey on my blog:

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