Success Story: Alyssa

Alyssa rocked the stage with an awesome physique and won a Pro Card in her first fitness competition.

Success Story: Alyssa2017-06-06T11:39:47-04:00

Success Story: Safiya

Safiya is a long time Personal Training and Hourglass Workout Client who worked with Lyzabeth to perfect her physique and stage presence. Her efforts earned her 1st place in her very first fitness competition!

Success Story: Safiya2017-06-06T11:39:48-04:00

Success Story: Clodagh

Clodagh is a dedicated Hourglass Workout Client and worked with Lyzabeth to be prepared for the stage!

Success Story: Clodagh2017-06-06T11:39:48-04:00

Success Story: Tyra

Tyra was slim and had a great looking body before she even started training. But, like many women, Tyra did not just want to be 'skinny-fat', she wanted the tone, curves and muscles that you can only get from training and eating a holistic lifestyle. Tyra followed Lyzabeth's Hourglass Training [...]

Success Story: Tyra2017-06-06T11:39:48-04:00

Success Story: Susy

Susy is an Hourglass Workout Client and worked with Lyzabeth to get a physique poised for the stage...

Success Story: Susy2017-06-06T11:39:51-04:00

Success Story: Soo Yuen

Soo Youn's post-baby body is nothing short of stunning! She worked with Lyzabeth to sculpt a stage-ready physique and perfected her stage walk.

Success Story: Soo Yuen2017-06-06T11:39:51-04:00

Success Story: Abby

Abby: In January 2010, I joined Lyzabeth Lopez’s Hourglass Workout after seeing some before and after photos on her website. I finally learned the value of weight training. And for the first time, that soft pouch of a stomach is disappearing. [...]

Success Story: Abby2017-06-06T11:39:52-04:00

Success Story: Samantha H

Samantha worked with Lyzabeth to perfect her stage presence. Check out her awesome physique!

Success Story: Samantha H2017-06-06T11:39:59-04:00

Success Story: Nubbia

Nubbia is an Hourglass Muscle Challenge Winner and Fitness Model who worked with Lyzabeth as a Personal Training Client to perfect her stage presence and sculpt an awesome physique.

Success Story: Nubbia2017-06-06T11:39:59-04:00