Christina’s Sugar Cleanse Transformation!

Christiana, a long-time Hourglass  member and one of my favorite humans, added the Sugar Cleanse to her training. It proved to be life-changing! Improved skin, mood, weight loss, and more; it was a total game-changer for her! 

Christina's testimonial

The Sugar Cleanse is unlike any other eating plan. We’ve taken all the science of a healthy eating plan and created it to be incredibly effective and easy to prep so busy people can fit the meal prep into their lives and follow through (which is one of the biggest hurdles in following an eating plan). 

The plan was beta-tested with over 100 women for over a year. We tested and changed it over and over again until it was perfect. 

On average, participants lost roughly 7 lbs in the first week and 1-4 lbs a week after that for the 30 days. Many continued using it for months as the plan is so healthy and easy to use and provides healthy proteins, fats, and plant diversity. The recipes are delicious, and it’s great for the whole family. 

The plan comes in three calorie levels: 1500, 1700, and 2000 calories, and you can choose vegan or classic. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Sugar Cleanse, click here for details. 

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The Hourglass Workout & Sugar Cleanse have been life changing for me.

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