Claudine’s Curve Building Transformation!

Claudine is one of the women that you’re lucky enough to meet. She and her twin sister Nadine joined the program and not only stayed on for close to 10 years but actually ran their very own Hourglass Workout Gym and became instructors for my Downtown Gym location as well. They are now extended family. 

For this transformation, you can see that Claudine was already in good shape with a nice frame and tone as she’d already been a member of the Hourglass community. However, she took it up a notch, pushing her weights on the progressive overload, taking her sprints to the next level, and following the Classic Eating Plan. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Her after photos are some of my very favorites. 

She looks athletic, feminine, curvy, strong, and hot! 

I could not be more proud of this incredible and stunning woman and am forever happy to have her as a part of our community. #HGOG for life 🙂 We love you Claudine! 

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