Week 2 – Sleep

  • Week 2 – Sleep

    Posted by Kaitlyn on November 10, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Hey everyone! Week 2 is all abouot sleep. Please psot any of your questions, tips, tricks about sleep here!

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  • Lyzabeth

    November 16, 2022 at 6:25 pm

    SLEEP CHALLENGE has been added!

    We are continuing our water challenge and now adding on a sleep challenge.

    To add on the sleep challenge, I’d like you to do 2 of the following new activities to help improve your sleep. Here are some options:

    – Stop screens an hour before bedtime

    – Read before bed

    – Add orange or red tone night lights to your bathroom, so you don’t need to turn on the lights at night

    – Go to bed before 11 pm

    – Add magnesium before bed (check with your doctor first)

    – Get outside for a walk to get your morning sun 30-60 minutes from waking (no sunglasses or anything that will block your eyes from the sun. Sunscreen is fine. *Must be outside, not behind any type of window.

    – Move your workout to the morning

    – Take a cold shower or add one minute of cold to the end of a morning shower

    – At night, take a warm bath or sauna at bedtime

    – Make your bed cooler – lookup tools like the Chili Pad

    – Switch out your bed linen to breathable fabrics (bonus marks for organic)

    – If it’s time, switch out your mattress to a high-quality mattress example: Obsana, Nutripedic, Purple, Avocado

    – Incorporate deep breathing and or meditation to your daily practice.

    – Read any of the following books: Why We Sleep, or The Circadian Code

    The above are just a few ideas to improve your sleep. You can start with two and slowly but surely add as many as you like. To get the daily check mark, you have to add at least one (even if it’s the same one every day).

    Please share your own ideas and resources as well. Let’s do this as a team We’ve got this!!

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