Week 3 – Exercise

  • Week 3 – Exercise

    Posted by Lyzabeth on November 22, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    Hey guys,

    Great chatting yesterday. I just completed the morning meditation that Jocely mentioned and I’m about to go for my walk/ workout (get through my check list, lol)

    I hope you all have your checklists ready and are off to the races… if not… start writing that list and join in. I will be checking your homework on our next call before Farmer Ryan starts 😜

    Here is the link that Jocely mentioned for the morning meditation: https://youtu.be/2HG2m8U2yJ4

    Enjoy.. looking forward to seeing your morning/exercise routine checklists to get it done if you want to post them or hearing about how they are going. Have an amazing day, everyone! You’ve got this! Woot woot 🙂 xo

    Here’s my to-do for the day as we slowly try to get to our goal of a consistent routine. There is no pass or fail as long as you keep working at it 🙂

    • Ideally, waking up (no phones to start the day)

      – Added – morning meditation or deep breathing 2-10 min

      – prep water with lemon, salt, acv or greens)

    • Outside, walk 5 min +

    • Gym (can be any of the workouts that we have (home/gym/app) – can also just be stretching, yoga, or sauna if needed that day. + bcaa water

    • Shower (finish cold – 1 min)

    • Breakfast – shake + vitamins

    • Start your day!

    Try this one or create your own. Feel free to share 🙂 xo

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