Holistic Reset Beta week 4 (delay) ugh…

  • Holistic Reset Beta week 4 (delay) ugh…

    Posted by Lyzabeth on March 4, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    Hi 🙂
    Happy Saturday,

    I was quite sure that I was going to have the week 4 beta out to you this morning, but had two failed recipes last night during testing and am still struggling to get it right with the macros needed to make it work and the ingredients to make it taste good. (primal nutrition mayo made with olive oil) is quite gross btw and we have a snow storm so I can’t hit the grocery store for other ingredients right now to retest… 😝

    I’m having to take both recipes back to the drawing board to get them right as I don’t want to waist anyones time or grocery money. I’ll continue on the testing today once we can shovel out of this snow storm.

    For this week, you can hit a fave week from sugar cleanse or holistic reset again as I don’t see beta w4 coming out until at least tomorrow night, if not Monday… Sorry guys.

    Also, remember, we’re onto shred month, so you can choose the lower calorie sugar cleanse plan to mix it up and to drop a bit more weight before we reverse diet you back up to a higher calorie range to take you back into healthy maintenance. 100-200 calorie/day drop over a month can make a good difference or pull you out of a plateau.

    lmk if you have any questions xo

    I can’t find everyones tags… pls tag challenge friends in comments..

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