How Stacey Lost the Last 15 lbs & Gained Muscle & Curves In 3-Months!

Stacey is a close friend and a long-time Hourglass Workout member; I would guess around ten years in the program. 

She’s a true athlete, basketball player mainly, but a little of everything, she has been fit her whole life. 

Stacey loves Hourglass as regardless of how fit she is, she will constantly be challenged to get better, and the program supports the training for her sports. 

From these 3-month challenge photos, you can see that Stacey was already fit, but she decided to take it up a notch and increase her intensity of the sprint training and met cons in the program, and clean up her eating using the Hourglass Workout Eating Plans. 

She already has lifted heavy with us and has always been active. 

What a beautiful transformation. Please look at those after pictures; they are symmetrically stunning! They are some of my favorite after pictures ever. 

Great job, Stacey. As always, I love working with you! 

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