“In 2010 Ahmahkyah knew it was time for major changes in her life. She signed up as a member and instantly fitness became her passion with a focus on having a strong mind which would led to a strong body.  As a member of Hourglass Workout, she started learning about weights, cardio, lean eating and all things fitness. In 20
12, she entered into her first fitness show with International Drug Free Association. Ahmahkyah loved the experience and began the process of professional development as a Personal Trainer and a certified Hourglass Workout instructor that same year.  Her love and natural ability for public speaking led her to opportunities to host two fitness shows in 2013. Ahmahkyah is a certified Hypnotherapist (ABH) and a certified Functional Movement Specialist.  Ahmahkyah believes that “Nothing is Impossible” and she is sincerely dedicated to helping people transform wholeheartedly.”