Iman is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, competitive dancer for over 10 years, writer, motivational speaker and a mental health advocate. As a competitive dancer, Iman has performed for celebrities like the Black Eyed Peas at the Muchmusic Video Awards, U2’s Bono and former US President Bill Clinton for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Iman’s deep connection with health and wellness stems from her own personal journey. Iman was born with extreme food and dairy allergies which her mother, a holistic practitioner, healed through whole foods and Auyervedic practice. In 2008, Iman found herself dealing with many injuries from her dance career and fell in love with healing her body at the gym through strength training. The mental clarity and physical benefits of feeling and looking stronger was incredible. Iman’s fitness idol happened to also be her fellow dance classmate from back in the day, the creator of Hourglass Workout, Lyzabeth Lopez. Watching her help thousands of women achieve their fitness goals gave Iman so much inspiration that she decided to become certified as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor to help women reach their goals and feel the same benefits of fitness and nutrition that she owes her life to. Iman prides herself today with having a holistic approach to achieving the best body for YOU that will make YOU happy inside and out. This COFFEE MONSTER, Iman’s nickname at the various Hourglass locations, where she has been teaching as an Instructor for the past 3 years, is excited to bring her love for health and wellness, booty building results driven lifestyle, the Hourglass Workout, to the city that has given her so much, the Region of Waterloo!


First Aid CPR / AED
Canfit Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist
Canfit Pro Personal Training Specialist
Ashtanga Yoga Instructor
Hourglass Workout Certification
Zumba Gold