judyyJudy’s love for fitness began at a very young age. For decades, as a competitive figure skater, she learned the discipline and dedication to technique and the drive to succeed.

Judy also spent years as a fashion and fitness model in North America and in Europe. She loves the outdoors, hiking, biking and trying new, fresh ways to improve her health and wellness regime.

Judy also loves to share what she has learned along the way with her children, family, friends and clients. She loves to help people and has worked with hospital patients and underprivileged people for many years.
Opening up her own gym has allowed Judy to help others reach their own health goals. Judy knows full well the challenges associated with weight loss, aging and lifestyle changes. She has struggled with her own weight after her pregnancies and is now addressing the effects of menopause and aging on metabolism and body elasticity.

Judy is an award winning figure competitor who recently competed and placed in the IDFA.Whatever the fitness and wellness concerns or goals, Judy knows what’s involved in success. She is dedicated to the cause of sharing her own learnings, her passion and drive and her success strategies to others so that they too can exceed their own goals and enjoy the healthier and happier life Judy already knows is possible.


  • CanFit Pro Personal Training certification
  • First Aid CPR/AED
  • Hourglass Workout Certification