Princess is a certified personal trainer of 5 years. Allowing Health and Wellness to become a major part of her life!Princess is a 41yr old mother of 5! I was never the athlete or gymnast. Although I’ve always wanted to be, I was the opposite. Struggling with my weight since I was young, I never knew the secret to getting the body I wanted… I tried yoyo diets, shakes and magic pills none of that worked. I finally tried eating right and exercising. And found out how much I actually loved it! With a starting weight of 240lbs I lost 110lbs on my own. But I ended up skinny and lost curves. Until I found Hourglass Workout Fitness. As a client I pushed and worked hard, my end result was a smaller frame with my natural curves. When I realized how much this workout formula worked I pursued a career in fitness, attained my Personal Trainer Certification and became an Hourglass Instructor!! My goal is to help women of all shapes and size to gain confidence and motivate them to achieve the goals they set out to conquer!


Priscilla has been a personal trainer and Hourglass Instructor since 2015. She has also received certifications from
CanFit Pro in Healthy Eating and Weight Loss coaching, and Children’s Fitness coaching.
She actually started her fitness journey with Hourglass Workout Mississauga and instantly fell in love with the amazing workouts and supportive community. She has won our 3 month Transformation Challenge and understands how it feels to balance a hectic family schedule and successful career.
“I love working with women because I understand what women want, I can provide the perfect environment to give them what they need. My goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of the people that I work with, helping them become the healthiest happiest versions of themselves. If you want to look, feel and perform your best then I’m excited to work you!”