Sacha-682x1024Sacha first found her love for fitness when recovering from a back-breaking (literally!) car crash ten years ago. Thought the use yoga and pilates she discovered not only a highly powerful new practice to help her regain her mobility but also a new sense of peace and re-calibration of her body. This feeling of empowerment and strength is what began Sacha journey towards completing a variety of teacher certifications (Yoga, Pilates and Gravity) which allows her to explore and combines different methods in conditioning, toning and strengthening the muscles and core, while still experiencing the length, balance and grace when teaching. As member of the Hourglass community she has a day reminder of how amazingly supportive and inspiring it is to workout along side other women that are reshape their bodies and minds. Sacha coutinues to be excited to be part of Lyzabeth’s Hourglass team, her aim is to help you maintain the integrity of our body, by coaching and cheering you on to achieve your fitness goals and improve your lifestyle, while learning proper technique and having fun!


  • Hourglass Workout Certification
  • Yoga Teacher Training
  • Pilates Teacher Training
  • Gravity Teacher Training
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • Kida Yoga Teacher Training
  • CPR “C” and Standard First Aid