Julie’s Pregnancy & Postpartum Fit Transformation!

Julie is such an inspiration. She’s been an Hourglass Workout member for many years and has always trained hard. However, it wasn’t until her pregnancy that I saw how genuinely hard-core she was! 

She was a member from before her first baby, through her pregnancy, and then to do this stunning 3-month transformation! We’re so honored to be a part of her journey. She was dedicated, did the classes, followed the plan has proved to be an inspiration for the entire community.

When Julie became pregnant, we checked with her doctor to ensure she was approved for continued boot camp style exercise. 

We kept track of her heart rate to ensure it didn’t go too high and kept her off her back. We also shied away from single-leg activities like step-ups since the joints become loose due to pregnancy hormones like relaxin. 

Julie trained right up until about a week or so before she delivered. She delivered a healthy, happy baby in under 30 minutes! 

We waited a safe amount of time after her baby to start training again, received all approvals to begin, and then trained progressively and safely. 

Julie has always been active as a dancer and an Hourglass Workout member, so she was highly motivated to get back to work!

There’s nothing quite as exciting as watching someone go after and achieve their goals. Julie kept a positive attitude throughout the entire process; she attended all her classes, listened to her body, doctors, and coaches, and put in the work. 

I’m so proud to have been her coach. She is a truly remarkable and inspiring woman. 

We love you Julie 🙂 

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