Leah’s Inspirational Transformation

Leah is one of the most motivating women I’ve had in the Hourglass Workout Online Training Program (aka Train With Lyzabeth). 

She regularly posted photos and videos from her workouts, along with motivational quotes. I know she was a big motivator for the entire community. We’re lucky to have someone with so much passion as part of our incredible community. 

This stunning transformation was accomplished using the Hourglass Workout Online Gym Training Program (aka Train With Lyzabeth OG).

This program incorporates heavy resistance training mixed with HIIT training. She also followed a balanced eating plan, also provided in the program.  

If you’re looking for an excellent transformation program with home & gym workout options, great support, weekly zoom accountability sessions, eating plans, and proven results, click here to learn more about the Hourglass Workout Online. 

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