Q) How do I send clients the eating plans?

A) The eating plans are in your back end under downloads. You can set up your cart to auto send them an eating plan when they register or you can manually e-mail it to them when they sign up.

Q) How do I create my webpage?


1) go to the tab “Edit my site”
2) chose a Vanity URL ie Brooklyn which will appear as HourglassWorkout.com/brooklyn
3) chose a cart to accept payment ie paypal or mindbody and use your cart links to the page. If you don’t know how to do this, you can hire a web person for assistance, but it is quite easy if you’d like to give it a try.
4) Create an e-mail that people can reach you at for questions.
5) Create your schedule and post on the page. We use a schedule widget called HealCode. The site is equipped to use healcode to show your schedule if you would like to use it. If you look at the Canadian site, HourglassWorkout.com, the schedule for each location is shown using the healcode widget and the mindbodyonline.com cart.
6) Set up your cart to take payments.
7) Start advertising.

Q) Where am I allowed to open a location?

A) Anywhere that is 75km or more away from the 14 franchised Toronto & Montreal locations in the world.

Q) What hashtags should I use if promoting HourglassWorkout on my social media.

A) Our main social tags are #hourglassworkout & #teamhourglass

Q) How do I start promotion?

A) Go through the branding folder provided on the downloads tab under ‘business cards’ and ‘marketing material.
Chose the ones that you want to use. They are all in their ‘indesign’ files so you can edit them to add your location name/info. If you don’t know how to do this, you can have a graphics person add your location info the the marketing material. This should not cost very much as it is very easy for someone with these skills.
Begin marketing!! Local marketing and on-line marketing are both very important.
Locally get out into your community and let them know you’re there. The sandwich board makes a huge difference if you’re allowed to put it outside the studio.
You should always have flyers and business cards on you.
You should have a goal of doing social media posts once a day. Use the #hourglassworkout and #teamhourglass so the head-office team might find it and repost.
Teach great classes, word of mouth and client referrals are the #2 source of new clients after social media.

Q) How do I order Booty Bands and Hourglass Workout Tank Tops to sell at special pricing?

A) E-mail info@hourglassworkout.com and let us know your instructor user name or e-mail. Your instructor pricing for you to resell is $4/booty band CAD and $10/ tank top CAD. (lager orders of 50 or more individual items can get special pricing).

Q) How do I join the Hourglass Workout Int Licensee facebook Group?

A) Search for the group named: HG International Licensees on facebook and request to follow. Next, e-mail info@hourglassworkout.com with your facebook name so we can find you and add you manually.