Twice the Health – The Hourglass Workout

“The Hourglass Workout” the latest craze to have arrived on our shores from our friends in the US. Created by Lyzabeth Lopez, its designed to embrace the female figure and encourage the growth of lean [...]

Fusia – Lyzabeth Lopez’ Hourglass Workout

Move over Kim Kardashian, J.Lo and Queen B a.k.a Beyonce, there’s a new booty in town and she’s sharing all her booty/beauty secrets with her ‘Train with Lyzabeth’ program and more. Not only is she [...]


Global News Feature – Women Lifting Heavy

For Candace Diptee, getting her weight work out done isn’t always easy. That’s because the City of Toronto employee needs to lift up to 100 pounds for some of her workouts, but she said the weights in the women’s section at her gym only goes up to 60 pounds. Often she has to go into [...]

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