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Downtown Toronto Flagship Pricing

(Toronto Flagship, 374 Dupont)

(Classes offered 5 Days a Week/ 6 classes a day) See schedule Here!

.3 Month Contract $215/Month *$10.75/class

6 Month Contract $200/Month *$10.00/class

1 Year Contract     $175/Month *$8.75/class – MOST POPULAR DEAL!

Paid in Full Options

1 Year Paid in Full $1999 *$8.32/class -Most Popular Deal!!

6 Month Paid in Full $1100 *$9.16/class

3 Month Paid in Full $617  *$10.28/class       

1 Month Paid in Full $239  *$11.95/class

4 Class Card Paid in full $88 *$22/class (must be used in 2 weeks)

Free Trial – Free (one time only)

Toronto & Montreal Locations Pricing

(Incl: Mississauga, Vaughan, Ajax, Scarborough, York Dale, Markham, North York, Montreal, Brampton, South Etobicoke, Richmond Hill)

Classes offered 3 times a week. See Schedules Here!

3 Month Contract  $185/month *$17.91/class

6 Month Contract $165/month *$16.66/class

1 Year Contract      $155/month *$14.58/class – MOST POPULAR DEAL!

Paid in Full Options

1 Year – Paid in Full $1800 *$12.50/class

6 Month – Paid in Full $950 *$13.19/class

3 Month – Paid in Full $530 *$14.72/class

1 Month – Paid in Full $210 *$17.50/class

3 Class Card – Paid in full $66 *$22/class (2 weeks exp.)

Free Trial – Free (one time only)

Gift Certificates

You bet! Just choose your denomination and let us know by contacting
All gift certificates are non-refundable.

Are you a full-time student?

Hourglass Workout™ offers 15% off all of our pricing options for Full Time students.

To apply, register with the promo code: HGSTUDENT

Next, go to our contact page and send an e-mail to the location that you will be attending with an attachment of a scanned copy of your student status (student id, and time table). The name must match your registration. If documentation is not received within 24 hours of registration, your membership may be frozen until it is received or you will be contacted to adjust to full price. Student pricing DOES NOT apply to part-time students.

What Does Membership Include:

Unlimited classes for the month at the location registered.

Custom Holistic Eating Plan (for memberships of 3 months or more)

Special Event Eating Plan

Success Tracker

1 additional education workshop class per month (see schedule)

1 additional nutrition workshop per month

*Healthy girls day out! (*extra fees may apply here depending on activity)

Admittance into the 3-month challenge at any time if you choose!


All locations are unlimited monthly registrations.

You may login to choose your class times for each class up to a month in advance.

You may change/update your attendance to a class up to minutes before the class begins. The website will show how many spaces are available/ reserved on a live basis. If you are not able to attend, you are expected to unregister for the class that you chose to make room for another participant. Time slots will be on a first come first serve basis.

You will automatically receive your eating plan options when you register. If you do not receive them, please contact our head-office at

All registrations begin on the date of the first class that you attend after your registration is complete.

Registrations are location specific and are non-transferable unless otherwise agreed upon by the location owner.

What to Bring to Class:

Please arrive 10-15 min early to begin light warm up, joint mobility and foam rolling prior to class. We like to get right to the workout at the beginning of the class, so we ask that you come early to prep your muscles. If you are new and don’t know how to do this, we will show you on your first day!

We provide all workout equipment!

Please bring your own: water, towel, running shoes, proper workout wear.

Most but not all Hourglass Workout™ locations have showers & lockers. Please check with the specific location that you are registering for if you require this info. Contact for locations can be found on the contact page of the Hourglass Workout website.

Hourglass Workout is much more than a boot-camp!!! We are a total healthy body transformation program.

Refund/Transfer Policy:

One Month Registration &:

Refunds must be requested 24 hours prior to the first class commences (memberships will automatically start within one year of purchased if your first class has not commenced and will not be available for a refund after 15 days). Please contact the location that you registered at for your refund (all e-mail addresses can be found on the contact page of the Hourglass Workout™ Website. Refunds will be subject to a $15 administration fee.

Refunds requested after this time will not be accepted under any circumstances.

One-month registrations are not transferable. Classes are not transferable under any circumstances

One-month registrations must begin within 30 days of purchase

3, 6 and 12 month Registrations:

Refunds for 3, 6 & 12 month registrations are allowed up to the point of 10 days after purchase. After a 10-day period, the membership is no longer available for refund under any circumstances. If you choose to refund during the allowed refund time, you will be charged a prorated amount for the classes that you attended plus a $15 administration fee. Memberships not started within a year of purchase will automatically start after 365 days and will not be available for a refund under any circumstances.

There is no transfer option available for single classes or months. Your classes can be frozen/suspended. All 3 month membership options can be suspended 1 time for up to 30 days maximum. Any 6 month membership can be frozen 2 times with a maximum of 30 days per hold.  Any 1-year membership can be frozen 3 times for a maximum of 30 days per hold. If you become pregnant, it can be suspended for a max of 1 consecutive year.

Transfer of membership can only be done on a one-year membership paid monthly option (no transfer available for paid in full memberships). The person taking over the transfer would be subject to registering for a new full year membership at the same pricing that the transferring participant was offered, this must be approved through Hourglass Workout head-office.

Please contact the location that you have registered at for all inquiries regarding: freezing months, and refunds. The corresponding e-mails for the locations can be found on the contact page of the Hourglass Workout™ website:

Hourglass Philosophy

The goal of the hourglass workout is to help women to appreciate and enhance their naturally curvy bodies through a style of workout specifically created for women by women. The other component of the program is to help women to understand their bodies through monthly nutrition workshops, and providing personalized nutrition plans based on foods that heal. This is not a weight loss program although it is a side effect (shown clearly in our before after success stories).

what seperates usThis program is so much more than that, our goal is to help each person to increase their energy, reduce acne, headaches and fatigue, to feel great and so much more! Nothing is more beautiful than the natural fit, healthy, sexy, curvy, happy women who loves her body and feels great! That is our goal for all of our participants.

Why we’re different than any other boot-camp, cross-fit program or gym based fitness class There are fun and high quality fitness programs all over the world but none of them are like the Hourglass Workout. Many programs are fun, and sweaty like boxing or exciting and challenging like cross-fit. There are also many great boot-camps out there, (co-ed and for women only). They all are fun, make you feel great, give you a great sweat and make you sore, but still none of them are like the Hourglass Workout.

Our instructors

hourglass instructors

Hourglass Workout™ Instructors must all have a minimum of a personal training certification & at least six continuing education certifications which may include: Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Kettle Bell Specialist, Yoga, etc.  before they are eligible to audition. We take about 5% of those from auditions choosing only the best of the best in each city! The next process is to take the Hourglass Workout™ Certification. We have a very careful selection process where we train our instructors in holistic nutrition, proper training for women, aspects of kettle bells, pilates, yoga, muscle conditioning and more. Our instructors also believe in and follow the Hourglass Workout™ Lifestyle, (many of them are Hourglass Workout Challenge Winners themselves). These men & women fully understand and believe the program so they can be there with you every step of the way in your journey to a new and healthy lifestyle. Meet our Toronto & Montreal Instructors here! 

Fun & Excitement


When you register for an Hourglass Workout™ class, you can expect to be on your toes every time you show up. We pride ourselves in offering a huge variety of styles of training and modalities of fitness. Within a month you will most likely take part in almost all of the following high intensity classes: Boxing, Yoga, Drill training, Kettle Bells, 6-pack training, plyometrics, TRX training and more! You will also be invited out to a fun night once a month with your instructor and the rest of your class to a pre-chosen activity that may include anything from Rock Climbing, to Roller Skating to Hip Hop Dance. It is a great chance to bond with like-minded awesome women in your classes.

What's included

What’s Included

A huge variety of #bootybuilding Curve Creating Classes
Personalized Holistic Nutrition Plan
Monthly Nutrition Workshop
Monthly Healthy Fun Days – Out with the Girls

Hourglass Instructors

All instructors are certified personal trainers with CPR and First Aid. All instructors must take an hourglass workout 30-hour certification program and pass the written exam with an 85% to pass. This certification includes training on holistic nutrition, muscle physiology, ecology, cellular anatomy and more. They are also involved in practical education specifically in shaping training for women. Before anyone can become a certified Hourglass Instructor, they must go through an interview process to ensure that they have the positive attitude, people skills and that they follow the Hourglass Lifestyle. It is very important that each instruct truly believe in living a healthy lifestyle and that this isn’t just a job to them. We only hire true fitness role models!

Our Instructors

Hourglass Workout takes quality seriously. We have incorporated a three strikes rule with our instructors. If we receive a complaint about an instructor we take it very seriously, and will investigate. We have full right and will take action if we receive, investigate and fell it necessary to remove an instructor from the company. If this should ever happen, participants will be refunded or be provided a new hourglass instructor.

Hourglass Equiptment


Each location will have a different variety of equipment. But here is an idea of what you may find at an Hourglass Class:

  • Kettle bells
  • Free weights
  • Skipping ropes
  • Ankle weights
  • Boxing equipment (gloves & pads)
  • Medicine balls
  • Stability balls and bosu balls
  • Hurdles, steps and plyo boxes
  • Yoga mats
  • Gliding discs
  • TRX
  • Cross-fit sleds, battle ropes, etc.
  • Cables and gym equipment

Each class is different and fun. You’ll never know what to expect!


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