Mother of 3, Suzanne’s Fit-Mom Transformation

Suzanne, a stunning mommy of 3 babies, joined Hourglass after her third little one was born. She was a hard worker and was ready to commit to getting to her best body yet! She received all approvals from her doctors before starting working out. 

Suzanne listened to her body, doctors, and coaches throughout the process. Her training in the Hourglass Workout Protocol was mainly made up of heavy resistance training, pilates, HIIT, and met-cons. She didn’t need to worry about putting the routine together; she just showed up for each class and went hard.

Suzanne also attended many nutrition sessions that I led and followed the Classic Eating Plan. 

Suzanne stayed with the program for five or six years and maintained her stunning results. These beautiful photos show her spectacular progress throughout the program. Great work Suzanne. We’re so lucky to have had the chance to work with you! 

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