Natasha’s Insane 3-Month Fitness Transformation!

Natasha is one of those clients that it is such a pleasure to get to train. She is a natural athlete with strength, speed, and know-how; it was just a matter of her finding a program to pour all of that natural ability into and reap the rewards of a lifetime of training. 

Watching her go to new limits, attempt and gain new skills and bring back old ones was electric. She had an energy that everyone around her felt, and she acted as a fantastic motivator for those she connected with via the online training program and in-person classes as she participated in both during different years. 

The online program that would best duplicate the style that Natasha did would be: the gym training program mixed with high-intensity home training (HITT & Met-Con Workouts). The programs I just mentioned are all part of the Hourglass Workout Online Program. 

For those that don’t have access to a gym, we offer a complete Hourglass Shaping Home Workout Program as well. You don’t need a variety of weights to do it, but if your goal is to get shapely feminine muscles like Natasha, I recommend investing in some weights to do the program. We put a significant emphasis on progressive overload training (progressively lifting heavier weights to failure) to get these results at home. 

Both of the programs I just mentioned are included in the Hourglass Workout Online Program 🙂 

Natasha's Testimonial

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