Welcome to the Hourglass Workout with the amazing instructor Elenia. This location runs classes 5 times a week, with 3 different time slots to choose from!

Please choose from our membership options below. Once your registration is complete, you must choose which classes that you would like to attend at this location each day, (you can pre-book up to a month of classes at a time). Your membership begins on the day of the first class that you attend at our facility.

All programs of one month or longer will include an eating plan. Your options will be sent to you in your welcome e-mail. The Hourglass Workout is not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle. We hope to see you soon


2278 Highway 87, Navarre, FL 32566

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Monthly Plans

1 Year Paid Monthly-($155/m*$6.20/class) w/ Contract- Buy Now

6 Month Paid Monthly- ($165/m*$6.60/class) w/ Contract- Buy Now

3 Month Paid Monthly- ($185/m*$7.40/class) w/ Contract)- Buy Now

Additional Options

Free Trial (1 Free Class 1 Time Only)- Buy Now

1 Year Paid in Full- $1488 ($124/m*$4.96/class)- Buy Now

6 Month Paid in Full- $679 ($140.25/m*$5.61/class)- Buy Now

3 Month Paid in Full- $499.50 ($166.50/m*6.66/class)- Buy Now

Hourglass Workout™ offers 15% off all of our pricing options for Full Time students. To apply, register with the promo code: HGSTUDENT Next, send an e-mail to empowerfitnezz@gmail.com with an attachment of a scanned copy of your student status (student id, and time table). The name must match your registration. If documentation is not received within 24 hours of registration, your membership may be frozen until it is received or you will be contacted to adjust to full price. Student pricing DOES NOT apply to part-time students.