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If you're tired of spending hours training trying to get a flat belly, and are tired of feeling bloated and puffy, or if you lost motivation, you're not alone and it's not your fault...


Lose Weight, Flatten your Belly, Improve Your Energy, & Improve Your Skin in 30 Days! Let's Get Started!

This will be the easiest meal plan you’ll ever try! We’ve provided all grocery lists and recipes. It includes 3-calorie levels 1500, 1700 & 2000 calories. The recipes are delicious and healthy for the whole family. One time purchase; keep it for life! *Available in vegan & classic.

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Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep it Off


This plan is made to set you up for success.


Great for the whole family

I created the busy-babe plan with the busy person in mind. I kept the recipes simple and fast but didn’t skimp on the taste. This is my most popular program for a reason. Once someone has completed the program, the common question is, “It’s so easy; can I just keep going?” The answer is “Yes!” Use it as often as you like. Many people continue on it long-term and continue to see great results.

Sugar Cleanse


Effects of Reducing Sugar can Include


Christina's 30-Day Transformation Story

Sugar Cleanse Before/After

“I am a very busy person, so I was looking for something easy to fit my lifestyle. I tried Lyza’s Sugar Cleanse, and I’m so happy I did. I’ve lost 15 lbs in the first month, and my skin has cleared up. I wasn’t even expecting that part. It was just a fantastic bonus.
This program just fits into my life. I like the food, everything is laid out for me, and I don’t need to think. I buy the listed groceries, prepare and go about my day. I’m starting month two as I don’t see any reason to stop. It’s healthy, and I feel great.
I recommend this program to anyone looking to lose weight and improve their energy. Love you Lyza!”


Veronica's 30-Day Transformation

Sugar Cleanse Lyzabeth

Veronica is a long-time member of the Hourglass Workout Family. She works out hard, is strong and dedicated.
A great workout coupled with a quality eating plan is the key to seeing the results you’ve worked so hard for in the gym.
Lifting weights and including regular HIIT/ Cardio in your routine is a great way to get healthy and build a strong frame, but, for most people, if you want to lean out and see your results, it will come down to the eating plan. Veronica included the Sugar Cleanse, and the results were beautiful. Since she’s always worked out, it was just what we needed to show off all her hard-earned muscle and get her to her best easily and quickly!
Congratulations Veronica!


Mindy's Long-Term Results

Sugar Cleanse Transformation

“Lyzabeth Lopez’s Hourglass Workout is not just a boot camp but so much more! I joined Hourglass in October with the intention of only joining for one month to get in shape for my birthday. However, Hourglass exceeded all my expectations, and now I am an Hourglass veteran/fan for life and have been using the program for three years. I have never felt better! The workouts are fun and intense. You never know what to expect and you will never be bored because Lyzabeth always comes up with new exercises.

At Hourglass, you will not only meet all your fitness goals but will be warmly welcomed into the Hourglass family. Lyzabeth’s passion and enthusiasm for fitness is infectious. The Hourglass girls have become a tight-knit family under Lyzabeth’s coaching. Everyone is extremely supportive, and we motivate each other. My family and friends have noticed a definite improvement in my energy and skin due to Lyzabeth’s holistic eating plan and nutrition workshops. Based on Lyzabeth’s recommendation, I completed the Sugar Cleanse, and it has changed my life. I no longer crave sugar and have more energy. Lyzabeth presents nutrition in such an interesting and interactive way that it motivates you to a healthier lifestyle.

I feel so privileged to be part of a fantastic group of women at Hourglass and to have Lyzabeth as my trainer. She is a great role model for all women!!”



Quick and easy recipes that you’ll enjoy on the classic plan:


Quick and easy recipes that you’ll enjoy on the vegan plan:


Frequently Asked Questions

This is primarily an eating plan. It’s an elimination diet that can help to pin point foods that may be causing gut issues/distress. It ends with a gut healing protocol. The eating plan is meticulously written feel great for most people while aiding in weight loss

I wrote the eating plan to be quick and easy in the kitchen to ensure follow through.

No! I have a ton of men that love and have successfully copleted the program. This program is fantastic for all people regardless of gender.

To reach my team at any time with questions, you can email us at We’re happy to help.

Absolutely! We’re in the process of adding a fun, free 30-day workout calendar to this program as an added bonus. No matter when you purchase/purchased this program, you will get this free update once its released.

You do not need to workout with this program for it to work though. Again, it’s primarily an eating plan.

Nope! Once you own it, you keep it to use as often as you like.

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Lyzabeth Lopez

My name is Lyzabeth Lopez, and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer. I’ve trained thousands of people and have mastered the art of writing a holistic eating plan (whole food, evidence-based plans to focus on health issues to heal your body naturally while helping you lose weight).
I’ve taken great pride in studying and understanding the effects of food as medicine and how the right foods can heal your body. Some of my education includes two years full-time at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and studying Health Sciences and Kinesiology in college (6 years total of full-time post-secondary schooling to hone my craft). Additionally, I’ve worked as a specialty personal trainer, nutritionist, and boutique gym owner for over 15 years.


You Will Get Lasting Results

My guarantee to you is that if you commit yourself to the sugar cleanse, you can see lasting results. That means no more low calorie dieting and weight gain rebound. When implemented, the sugar cleanse will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for years that have gotten my clients unbelievable results!

This program is Regularly $149

Get Access Today for Only $9

Yes, that’s really a $140 discount.

Hurry this offer ends in: