Anita’s Curvy Fitness Model Transformation

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"My favorite thing about the hourglass workout is the one and only Lyzabeth herself! She is someone so amazing it can not even begin to express how impactful and motivating she is just by being in her presence. As an elite fitness model, Lyzabeth is extremely down-to-earth and genuine in her interest and care for all 'her girls' to be fit and fabulous in a healthy way that can be maintained for a lifetime. No crazy diets, just holistic clean eating! The biggest change I have had with Lyzabeth is my concept of what it takes to achieve that elite-toned, hourglass figure and that with good nutrition and a solid exercise program, I as well as any of 'her girls' could easily make it into the fitness model industry with a little determination and look like the ladies we have admired on magazines. I had been scared by various high protein body-building style programs and diets in the past that train you to look great for a day, but she showed me that you could enjoy eating healthy and exercising in a way that keeps you looking like a fitness model every day. I would encourage any woman interested in getting in shape, letting new people, and having a great time to join the workout. The workouts are not complicated but challenging. Her nutrition advice is refreshing, and Lyzabeth is an inspiration to be around." Yours in health, happiness, and prosperity, Anita Nosworthy
Anita N
Hourglass Workout Member & Gym Owner

Anita was such a pleasure to train. As a kinesiologist and personal trainer herself, she was already fit and knowledgeable about training and was a very successful trainer in her own right. That said, even the best trainers can benefit from a coach. Accountability, an extra push, a second perspective, and a fantastic team can make a big difference even if you already have the knowledge and drive. 

For Anita’s transformation, we focused on building more muscle while maintaining her feminine physique. In addition, we needed to ensure balance and symmetry while creating curves and cuts. 

Our formula was a mix of heavy weights, and failure sets focusing on intense progressive overload resistance training workouts. 

We also went all in on HIIT and functional training cardio, for example, battle ropes, push plates, and slam balls to drive the heart rate up while working on intense muscular endurance protocols. 

Anita followed my eating plans starting with the Classic Plan and moving into the Fitness Model Prep Protocol as her competition came closer. 

I’m so proud of her. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and a wonderful friend. 


If you’re looking for a program similar to how I trained Anita, check out Hourglass Workout Online and follow the Gym Training Program that is included. Then, when you’re ready to get cut, you can follow the shredder program also included in the program. Click here to learn more about Hourglass Workout Online. 

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