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My favorite thing about the Hourglass Workout is the challenges and the motivation. There is nothing like working out with a bunch of friendly women with positive attitudes, all trying to achieve healthy fitness goals. It's so motivating. Since starting the Hourglass Workout, I have lost and kept off 16 lbs. My endurance is way up, and I am stronger than I've ever been. I am more concerned about what kind of food I put in my body and have even helped to change my fiance's view of health and nutrition. To women thinking of starting the Hourglass Workout, I'd say START! So many women I've encouraged to take the challenge have been intimidated at first to sign up, saying things like "what if I'm not fit enough?" or I'm so out of shape, I'm scared." After the first week, those same girls are tired but so proud that they made it through. The hardest part is always the first step." The Workout is intense but manageable for anyone on any level. The beauty of Hourglass is that it always allows you to work at your own pace while pushing you to reach farther than you thought you ever could. I've learned so many new things about food and nutrition from the workshops I attended. From the importance of organics to how to understand proper digestion. The workshops are super informative and fun! I've made many friends at Hourglass and look forward to class so we can catch up and they can encourage me to be the best I can be! There is no better coach than Lyzabeth. She's a living, breathing example of how a healthy lifestyle can be achieved and maintained. All you have to do is look at her, and you'll get the motivation to get through your last set. The eating plan was the one thing that pushed me over the edge and helped me achieve my goals. Once I followed the eating plan, the weight started falling off, and I could start to see all my hard work shine through in the form of muscles I never knew I had. Lyzabeth is the ultimate fitness role model because not only is she gorgeous, fit, and totally approachable. She doesn't push shortcuts like fat burners or crash diets but teaches us to achieve lifelong goals. She also practices what she preaches, making a body like hers the ultimate goal!
Catriona S
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