How Chivon Went From Slim To Fit & Curvy!

I’ve been lucky enough to be Chivon’s trainer. 

Chivon is one of those clients that you’re literally lucky to have picked you. She’s sweet, kind, works hard, shows up on time, and cares about you and everyone else in her class. She’s just a gem of a person. I had to start off by saying that above all else. Now, onto the transformation details. 

Chivon clearly had a slim-toned build to start with, some genetic and some training. Chivon started with Hourglass Workout classes and won the Muscle Building 3-Month Challenge.

We carefully ensured that our focus was based on Progressive Overload (progressively increasing her weights with each set to cause failure). We shied away from long-duration cardio and instead added plyometrics and short bursts of HIIT (like hill runs) for cardiovascular health. 

Chivon did not need to restrict calories to go into a deficit, but she did eat healthy, clean foods and did not indulge in processed or fast food. 

After the challenge, Chivon stayed consistent with the Hourglass Workout for many years and stayed on and off for over 10 years. 


Chivon's Testimonial

1) What is your favorite thing about the hourglass Workout?

The best thing about the Hourglass workout is the supportive environment that welcomes each participant. Lyzabeth and veteran participants go out of their way to make newcomers feel part of the group as we work together to meet our fitness goals. In the one year, I have attended the Hourglass workout, I have forged strong friendships with a network of women who have been an incredible source of support and my greatest cheerleaders on my fitness journey.

2)  What changes have you noticed since starting the Hourglass Workout? (i.e. energy, skin, weight loss, healthier lifestyle, etc.)
Since participating in the hourglass workout, I have made many lifestyle changes. Before joining, my job was my main priority, and as a result, proper nutrition would suffer due to lack of time. Through Lyzabeth’s nutrition workshops, I learned how large a role that proper nutrition plays in seeing results with your goals. I now enjoy pre-planning my meals, making sure I always have healthy snacks with me to avoid indulging in ‘cheat days’ instead of a ‘cheat meal,’ and making sure I take more time for myself to rest. Even after attending the Hourglass Workout for over a year, there is always something new I learn, whether it’s a new exercise or tips on health and nutrition.

3) What would you say to someone thinking about starting the hourglass workout?
My advice for anyone considering joining the hourglass workout is to have fun and enjoy the journey! It’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people with similar goals or challenges and embrace a healthy lifestyle. The Hourglass Workout is not a weight loss class, but a lifestyle class. If you are serious about learning proper nutrition, want to meet new people, tone your body or lose weight, the Hourglass Workout is for you!

4)  Please give your comments on the followings:

a.     The Workout
Don’t let Lyzabeth’s smile fool you! She will work you hard! The workouts consist of challenging sprints, running hills or intense ab workouts, and weight lifting. Each class is different and will target the areas to help tone your figure.

b.     Nutrition Workshop
What sets the nutrition workout apart is that Lyzabeth takes the time to explain the rationale behind selecting certain foods to help meet your goals or improve your overall health. You will not only learn about selection food, but other topics such as digestion cleanse and have an opportunity to sample healthy treats.

c.      Social Aspect
The social aspect of the Hourglass workout is one of the greatest benefits of joining the class. I am always in awe that no matter if new participants join the group, the welcoming and fun dynamic always remains the same. It’s great to be a part of a class that has a supportive network of women who workout out together and also makes time to meet for social outings every month.

d.     Coaching/Motivation
Lyzabeth is a great coach to all of the participants in the Hourglass Workout. She gets to know all of the women that attend and takes the time to understand each individual’s goals or challenges to better assist you. The great social dynamic of the Hourglass workout provides a great network of support for new participants and serves as a great source of ongoing motivation to push yourself to meet your goals

e.     Holistic Aspect
Lyzabeth’s knowledge as a holistic nutritionist is a great advantage of the Hourglass Workout. I’ve gained so much knowledge about the benefits of organic food and detox cleanse’s and the rationale for incorporating them into my nutrition.
f.      Eating Plan
The customized eating plans developed by Lyzabeth are easy to follow and designed to help you meet your goals. If you are committed to making a lifestyle, the eating plan will definitely keep you on track.

g.     Lyzabeth as a fitness role model
Lyzabeth is one of the hardest working and genuine individuals that I have ever met. She is a great role model for living a healthy lifestyle and does this through practicing what she preaches and constantly motivating and coaching her clients to meet their goals. One of the best qualities about Lyzabeth is that she is always willing to share her knowledge with new fitness models and competitors. As a well-respected and seasoned professional, she is a great mentor for anyone who is thinking about entering the fitness industry.

Personal training

At some point, we added some personal training in addition to Hourglass classes. This was fun as I could really push her to new levels in her strength. Chivon when from strong to full on athlete! Check out what Chivon achieved with her hard work and dedication using the Hourglass Workout & PT with me 🙂  

To try the program similar to how I trained Chivon, you’ll want to use the Hourglass Workout Online Program and choose my Gym Training Program. Along with that, use the accompanying Muscle Building Eating Plan. All of this is included in the Hourglass Workout Online. Click here for more info!

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