Jammie’s 3-Month Hourglass Transformation

I LOVED training Jammie! She is one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth knock-out gorgeous women you will ever meet. She works her butt off in every class and doesn’t miss a workout. 

She trained hard in class reaching for heavy weights to add even more curves to her already voluptuous frame. We did a mix of fat loss and muscle building throughout her 3-month challenge. Check out the video below of her doing kettlebell swings with a 88lb kettlebell! 

 Jammie followed the Classic Eating Plan flawlessly adding her own touches to it as she was also studying nutrition during her challenge. 

Jammie’s results were the most beautiful mix of strong feminine curves, muscle tone, and long lean lines from her natural genetics & hard work! 

While this is a look at Jammie’s 3-month transformation, she’s remained a member of the Hourglass Community for many years to maintain her results. We’re so lucky to have her as she’s an inspiration and a true friend. 

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Before/After 3 Months 

The Hourglass Workout Annual Gala

Awarding Jammie with the ‘Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner’ Award at the annual Gala. 

Lyzabeth awarding Jammie with sash & crown – Hourglass Workout 3-Month Muscle Challenge Winner! 

Jammie accepting her award 🙂

Hourglass Workout – Jammie swinging 88lb kettlebell! 

Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner Photoshoot! Left to right: Michelle, Alex, Jacky, & Jammie. 

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