How Jelena Snatched Her Waist in 3-Months!

Jelena wanted to lose weight but keep her curves. However, the way that her waist just melted away while building a firm booty, she is actually curvier looking now that she’s slim, which really accentuates her Hourglass Shape.

Jelena hard at work in at a funtional Hourglass Woriout class 💪🏽

Jelena couldn’t make it to the Annual Gala, so I brought her award to her Hourglass Workout Class! 

Literally glowing! 

At the Hourglass Workout Photoshoot – Jelena and class mates pose down together

All the girls are glowing and the Transforation Photoshoot – left to right – Erin, Catroina, Coach Lyzabeth, Jelena, Claudine

Jelena followed the Hourglass Workout classes along with the Classic Eating Plan for her beautiful transformation. Checkout Hourglass Workout Online to start your challenge today! 

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