Kathy’s Beautiful Curve Building 3-Month Transformation

Kathy's 3-month fit-girl transformation

When Kathy started her Hourglass Challenge, she already had a petite frame. Her goal was not to lose weight but rather to ‘tone up’ and not lose her curves. Here are her 3-Month results. I think we came through with flying colors! 

How did Kathy get these results? 

Kathy was consistent. She showed up for all her classes and was ready to work. She became social with other girls in her class and made the workouts a lifestyle. She was a ray of positive energy and believed she could achieve her goals. 

Kathy trusted the process. She started out lifting relatively light weights. She understood that to get the curves she wanted, she needed to move those weights up and slowly but surely lift heavier through progressive overload. She achieved this and ended up lifting some pretty impressive weights towards the end of the three months. 

Kathy kept up her results for years past the 3-months of the challenge. Kathy maintained and even improved her results by continuing with the program and continuously increased her weights. She made this new program her lifestyle and learned to make it part of her routines and habits. 

Some Hourglass Girls showing up as a team to cheer on Hourglass Classmates at a Fitness Competition. Left to right: Linda, Marina, Chivon, Kathy, Kita, Eugena, Jill, Keisha, Safiya, Nicole, Lyzabeth & Dina. 

When Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer, we as a team wanted to do everything we could to support her. With Kathy leading the way, the Hourglass Workout Team showed up in droves year after year and even won the Team award for raising the most money at one year’s event. I am happy to say that Kathy’s strength and positivity helped her win her battle with breast cancer. 

We are thankful that Kathy pushed hard to be tested even when doctors said she was too young to be tested. She advocated for herself and, in essence, saved herself from a fate that had taken women in her family too soon. We love you Kathy. 

Below is Kathy with two of her besties at the Hourglass Gala after receiving her award for winning the transformation contest. 

The Hourglass Workout Annual Gala. Left to right: Kathy, Marina and Leni. 

Kathy completed a Curve Building Program which focused on adding muscle while reducing fat. This was not a weight loss program as Kathy was already slim. 

To learn more about the Curve Building Program in the Hourglass Workout, click here!

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