Keisha’s 3-Month Health & Fitness Transformation

3- month transformation inspiration!

Keisha's testimonial

Keisha’s testimonal after 60 days of Hourglass Workout

Keisha’s testimonal after completing her 90 day challenge (and still going strong). 

Keisha’s results were some of our best ever 3-month results. Much of that came from Keisha’s commitment to being the best version of herself. At the start of her challenge, she decided to give up smoking, drinking, and a poor diet (all at the same time!). With her mind set on her goals, she was successful with all three goals. No patches, no crutches, she just decided that it was time for a change, and she was all in.

She followed my Vegan Eating Plan (for the Hourglass Workout program) and showed up for all of the workouts. She did so with a positive attitude in every single class. She also was incredibly active on our community support wall, and shared her journey, and supported the other girls with theirs. Keisha knew she was getting stronger, increasing her energy and looking better, and seeing these changes made it that much easier to keep going.

Keisha, who had the goal of being ‘The ultimate MILF’ lol, succeeded in every way. I’m still proud and motivated by how she took charge of her health and went all in. She listened in on all the nutrition topics that I lead each month and started to do her own research as well and she discovered that she loved learning about how food affects the body.

Keisha stayed with Hourglass Workout for many years and was an inspiration for everyone who met her. We love you, Keisha! xo 

Hourglass workout Annual Gala

Awarding Keisha her 3-Month Challenge Winner Sash & Crown

Keisha accomplished her amazing transformation following the Vegan Eating Plan accompanied by our Classic ‘Hourglass Shaper’ Workouts. The total time for the transformation in the photos shown was 3 months. Get this eating plan and workout program and weekly team coaching calls with Lyzabeth here for only $45/month (cancel anytime). Learn more here! 

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