How We Snatched Kerri’s Waist In Only 3 Months!

Kerri is truly one of a kind, a lovely soul! When she decided to enter the 3-month challenge, she was all in! Packed with the energy of three people, she was consistent, positive, and hard-working. 

She engaged with the community, cheered on everyone around her, and took the time to learn, understand and adopt the lifestyle changes taught during the nutrition and training courses included with Hourglass Workout

It’s no surprise that her results were so stunning. She completely reshaped her body, shedding fat and adding some banging feminine curvy muscle. 

I’m forever proud of you and honored to call you a friend. Love you Kerri #HGOG for life. 

Kerri's Testimonial

"The meal plan and questionnaire is one of my favorite things about Hourglass. The initial enrollment package included a comprehensive questionnaire to create my individual eating and workout plan. It went way beyond daily food intake - it required an inventory of vitamins, supplements, and food allergies, among other things. Actually, completing the questionnaire proved to be a good exercise for me. When I wrote everything down, I realized I was eating poorly and trying to make up for it by taking vitamins and supplements. I also enjoyed Jogging and outdoor running… which is something I would have never done on my own. When I started HG, my endurance level was low. We would begin to run together as a group, and 2 mins later, I would be the only one who would have to stop to catch a breath. The 2nd week into the class, I decided to work on my endurance. I wanted to do better. That week when we went out for a run, I made it a personal goal to run faster and to go further. Lyzabeth encouraged me by not allowing me to fall too far behind the group, and I agreed to slow down but not to stop. By the following week, I noticed I could breathe deeper and push past the uncomfortable feeling that had slowed me down before. Shortly after that, I was able to keep up with everyone else. It felt good to execute a plan and achieve a goal. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find me running around my neighborhood. I’ve gone from running for 2mins to running over an hour+. These kinds of tangible changes have kept me inspired. What changes have you noticed since starting the Hourglass Workout? (i.e., energy, skin, weight loss, healthier lifestyle, etc.) Hourglass has taught me so much about my body. In the process, I’ve become an expert on ME! With improvements in flexibility, core strength, endurance, and muscle development. I’m pushing heavier weights than I ever thought I could! I’m also making a conscious choice and effort to eat well and get my workouts in. I even have new thoughts on organic and whole foods. Organic does not automatically mean expensive. And raw and whole foods do not equal bland!! Nutrition Workshop and eating plan In the nutrition workshop, Lyzabeth will cover much information in what always seems to be too little time. Some topics we’ve covered are: why buy organic, essential fatty acids, and what to look for in a grain. My favorite topics have been food allergies, cleansing, sprouting, and learning about the liver and the important functions thereof. I was very happy to hear that I would be adding carbohydrates back to my meals. Included but not limited are quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and beans. As soon as I got on track with the meal plan, I saw noticeable changes in my physique. It’s been almost ten months, and I’ve now been able to make the eating plan my new lifestyle. Coaching/Motivation Lyzabeth is an industry Great. She has endless knowledge in fitness and nutrition, and she always makes this readily available to anyone in the class. Through Lyzabeth’s example, I know what “making it a lifestyle” looks like. Lyzabeth has become a life coach and inspired me to do better and try harder. I am finally achieving my fitness goals because of the Hourglass Workout. Thank you so much for helping me set and achieve new goals."
Kerri L
Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner

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