How Kingsley Lost the Last 10lbs While Adding Sexy Muscle & Curves In 3-Months

Kingsley already had a good frame and worked out pretty consistently. However, she was looking for a new program to get past her plateau and take off the last 10 lbs while adding a bit of tone and bringing out her feminine curves. 

Kingsley joined the Hourglass Workout three-month challenge and took it seriously. She committed to increasing the weights she was lifting in the gym to take her to the next level. She went hard during sprint training, increased her calories, and followed a balanced, holistic eating plan to get her to her final goal. 

The results were nothing less than stunning—beautiful symmetry and curves, improved cardiovascular health, and a significant increase in muscle mass. 

Kingsley won the Muscle Challenge and was such an inspiration for the other Hourglass Workout members. We’re so proud of her and honored to have her as a part of our community. 

Kingsley doing the Hourglass Workout Program. 

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