Marina’s 3-Month Transformation at 50 Years Young!


Are you ready to feel motivated and inspired? If so, Meet Marina, one of our outstanding 3-month challenge winners! Marina is a long-line member of the Hourglass Workout. At 50 years young (I know you’d never know looking at her as she still looks 25), this beautiful woman took the challenge! 

3-Month Transformation Photos 

To achieve her goals, we worked on heavy lifts. We focused on progressive overload (progressively lifting heavier with good form and working towards failure sets) to add feminine muscle to her frame. We went hard on the glute training to give her a natural butt lift and included Pilates style abs training and HIIT drills to sculpt the abs and reduce fat. She didn’t need to guess when to do what in her training. All she had to do was attend her class, which was laid in the Hourglass Workout Class format. This style of training is also helpful for overall anti-aging properties. Resistance training after 40 is crucial for bone health, metabolism, and more. 

Marina was also an integral part of our community. She was always cheering on group members, attending special events, and lending a helping hand. I’m so lucky to know this kind-hearted and exceptional woman. Now a fit-grandma, Marina continues to be an inspiration to everyone around her. 

We love you Marina! 

Challenge Winner Photoshoot – left to right – Safiya, Kathy, Melissa, Marina

3-Month Transformation Winners at the Hourglass Workout Annual Gala!  Marina, Leni, Keisha and Kathy

All the hugs to celebrate these amazing women! Big Congrats Marina! 


What was your experience like with the Hourglass Challenge? 

Marina: ” The Hourglass Workout Challenge is a fantastic motivator to help you achieve your fitness goals. It encourages focus, discipline and consistency. The rewards in changes to your body are amazing! It boosts your self-confidence and overall fitness and health added benefits. I challenge you to take the challenge! You won’t regret it!” 

Marina followed the classes at the Hourglass Workout and followed the Classic Eating Plan. Checkout the Hourglass Workout Online for these programs. Click here to learn more! 

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