Melissa D’s Stunning Fitness Transformation!

Melissa's 3-month fitness transformation!

3-month before/after

…but… plot twist, this was just the beginning. At 3-months, Melissa had lost more than 20lbs of fat while gaining considerable muscle. We don’t have photos to show her further fitness success, but, as Melissa stayed on with the program, she slowly but surly became one of the fittest girls in class smashing challenges and becoming an absolute inspiration for everyone around her. Check out the videos below to get a better idea of Melissa’s progress as she continued with the Hourglass Workout after her challenge win!  

3-month before/afterWatch videos below to see even more of her fitness transformation! 

Melissa’s testimonial after her 3-month challenge 

Melissa kept doing Hourglass Workout after the challenge. Check out her beautiful fitness transformation continue to unfold in the videos below 🙂 

Melissa’s leg definition was off the chain!!! Check it out ❤️

Melissa becomes a true athlete before our eyes! (Melissa & Candice with the doubles showdown, lol)! 

Just a little video of Melissa looking lean’n’ mean and taking everyone out on the timed-challenges! 

Melissa used the Hourglass Shaper workouts in class! She also followed the Classic Eating Plan. Both are included in our Hourglass Workout Online Program. Start your transformation today! Learn more here

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