How Melissa Built Her Butt and Shrunk Her Waist!

Melissa is such an incredibly special person. She is strong, dedicated, willing to put in the work, and takes on every challenge with a genuinely can-do attitude! 

I still remember when Melissa joined the Hourglass Workout. She was studying to be a nurse. She was excited about the challenge of this style of training. She had worked out before, but I could tell she was ready to take things to the next level. 

When she started the challenge, she jumped in with both feet! She was motivated, and the motivation grew by interacting with her fellow challengers. Everyone pushed each other to be better! 

Melissa’s transformation was based on heavy progressive overload resistance training, intense sprints, and HIIT sessions. She learned to train with heavy weight strategically. Slowly but surly she understood all the training styles that we do in Hourglass including:  Time Under Tension, aka TUT, Tabatas, HIIT, Progressive Overload, Pyramid Sets, Pilates and more. She learned to work with her body and learned what styles worked best and really honed in on creating her new shape. All of this is taught through the Fitness Fundamentals Course that is included in the Hourglass Workout Online Program for free.

Melissa also followed the Classic Eating Plan, which is a balanced, holistic, flexible eating plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods still and not feel like you’re dieting at all because it’s very much an easy lifestyle plan, not a diet. 

Melissa stayed with Hourglass for around 6 years and maintained these stunning results throughout. These are not 3-Month Challenge photos; these are stunning long-term results! 

Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner Photoshoot – left to right – Safiya, Kathy, Melissa, Marina

Melissa eventually became a certified Hourglass Workout Instructor and Hourglass Gym Owner. 


She helped me to teach certifications across the United States and then stayed in New York to open Hourglass Workout New York! 

Melissa Co-Teaching Hourglass Workout Tour in New York City! 

I could not count myself luckier to have met such a genuinely fantastic trainer and person. 

Melissa went on to create phenomenal before/after Hourglass Transformations with her clients. It’s so beautiful when life comes full circle. Here is a photo of her with some of her clients from Hourglass Workout Mid-Town Toronto. 

Learn more about Hourglass Workout Online by clicking here to start your transformation! 

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