Michelle’s Beautiful 3-Month Transformation

Michelle did such a beautiful job on her 3-Month Hourglass Transformation dropping over 30 lbs of fat while putting on sexy muscle. 

Michelle attended the Hourglass Workout classes regularly and followed the eating plan to get such beautiful results. 

Michelle at the Hourglass Workout Photoshoot – left to right – Michelle, Alex, Jackie, Jammie

Michelle at the Hourglass Challenge Winner Photoshoot! Look at those legs! 😍

Michelle at the Annual Hourglass Workout Gala accepting her 3-Month Challenge Winner Award

Michelle attending the Hourglass Workout Classes. She went hard on the HIIT workouts and lifted quite heavy weights for the strength classes. She followed the Classic Eating Plan and was consistent on all of the above to get her above transformation. To try this program online, check out Hourglass Workout Online and start your challenge today! 

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