Nicole’s Stunning 3-Month Transformation

Nicole worked her butt in Hourglass Workout to create this stunning curvy transformation in only 3-months! 

Butt lifted, waist snatched, glowing healthy skin & hair! Nice work Nicole 🙂 

Nicole at her Hourglass Workout Challenge Winner Photoshoot – left to right – Nicole, Linda, Sam, Lori, Arthur

Challenge winners from over the years all showed up to celebrate this years inductees at the Annual Hourglass Gala


This years winners from left to right – Linda, Claudine, Sam, Anna, (Lyzabeth), Kingsley, Fabian, Nicole

Nicole in her before photo and again at the Hourglass Gala to celebrate her 3-Month Challenge Transformation

Nicole followed the Hourglass Workout Classes and Classic Eating Plan for her Transformation. Start your transformation today! Learn more about Hourglass Workout Online here! 

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