Safiya’s Transformation & Pro-Show Prep!

After an intense season of training, I interview Safiya at the WBFF Pro Show

Safiya’s long-term results – Hourglass Workout + Personal Training with Lyzabeth – Front 

Safiya had a beautiful frame, to begin with, when she first joined the Hourglass Workout. She started with the 3-Month Challenge in the Classic Plan and won! From there, she stayed with the program to maintain and build on her results for over ten years. 

Safiya is thoughtful in her training and has a good understanding of what her body responds well to. She lifts with intention, focuses on form and contraction, and pays attention to the details rather than just rushing through a workout. In addition, she’s an analytical thinker with a background in business and numbers as a high-powered executive in the corporate world. I feel this lends to her training style and how she follows the workouts. 

Safiya’s long-term results – Back Safiya’s long-term results – Hourglass Workout + Personal Training with Lyzabeth

The workout style that worked best for Safiya would be the TWL Gym Training workouts mixed with the Met-Con (mix of muscle & HIIT workouts) & HIIT workouts from the TWL APP. We created a workout calendar called the Hourglass Shaper Mash-Up Calendar that created this exact mix of workouts to mimic the style that worked so well for Safiya. Click here to learn more about the Hourglass Shaper Mash-Up Program! 

Safiya was not afraid to lift heavy. She understood how to lift properly using her breath and focusing on the contraction of the movement. This method worked well to build her a very feminine, curvy body. 

A peek at Safiya’s leg training. We used heavy and controlled movements often going to failure on her sets. If you’d like a training program similar to what I did with Safiya, check out the TWL Gym Training Program included with the Hourglass Workout Online.  

To get amazing results, we don’t just do chill typical steady-state cardio, we work hard, but make it quick. Here is an Hourglass Workout circuit with Abby & Safiya that we usually call biking through mud. It’s an intense ride, but only takes a few minutes to get your heart rate and fat-burning potential soaring! This is the type of cardio that can give real results and actually change your body. 

We also include some plyometrics, which is a form of explosive movement like these frog leaps (shown in the video above). This functional type of exercise gives beautiful results in muscle tone and fat burning. 

Safiya & Soo worked together in their corporate office in downtown Toronto and would come to the gym after where I would also train them together using Hourglass Workout Training and the Hourglass Workout classes. I trained both of them similarly with a mix of heavy weights, HIIT training, plyometrics, and functional training ie battle ropes, push plates, etc. They both got and maintained beautiful results by trainng hard and eating a balanced healthy diet generally following the Classic Plan guidlines (included with the Hourglass Workout program). 

*See Soo’s beautiful transformation here! 

While Safiya started as one of my clients, she also became one of my best friends and most fun people to train with ❤️

Safiya is a hard worker at Hourglass, but more importantly, she’s consistent. She’s a role model and has maintained her new shape for over ten years. The Hourglass Workout Online program that is most similar to how Safiya trained.  Try the Hourglass Workout Gym Training Program mixed with the Hourglass Home HIIT & Met Con classes. Both are included in the Hourglass Workout Online. Let’s start your Hourglass Transformation. 

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