Soo’s Postpartum Fit-MOM Transformation!

Soo trained with me and the Hourglass Workout leading up to and after the birth of her beautiful little girl. 

She is very dedicated to her workouts. She always shows up, but even more importantly, she works hard when she’s there and puts in 100% effort. 

Postpartum, Soo awaited approval from her doctor to get started. Once approved, she started slowly but got back into heavy lifting quickly. 

The key to her transformation was using heavy resistance training strategically. Heavy lifting done right does not build bulk. Instead, it creates a beautiful, fit and healthy frame. Having more muscle also allows you to burn more fat all day long and have stronger bones, improved metabolism, energy, and many more benefits. 


Soo’s training regime also included short burst-styled sprint training and plyometrics. This combination and a healthy, balanced eating plan contributed to her fit, feminine postpartum body. 


Soo used the Hourglass Workout and training from Lyzabeth for these stunning results. 

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