Let me guild you through a 30 day transformation and cleanse your gut!

 This will be the easiest meal plan that you’ll ever try! All grocery lists and recipes provided. Three calorie levels to choose from. The recipes are delicous and healthy for the whole family. One time purchase, keep it for life!


Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep it Off


This plan is made to set you up for success.


Success Stories

Look closely at the After Photos. These women aren’t just slimmer. They’re healthier, fitter, and more shapely! That’s the Hourglass Workout Difference!

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This plan is made to set you up for success.


Effects of Reducing Sugar can Include


Maryann Izzarelli

“I had fallen off the wagon, added a ton of weight then went to Central America for 10 days in February. After the trip, I was horrified by my vacation photos!

Realizing that I needed to strap down, I started following Lyzabeth’s nutritional recommendations. I have just restarted Month 1 but these are my differences so far in just 10 days. I’ve proudly stuck to the food guidelines and am religious about the fire shots! 

I can NOT tell you how happy I am not to feel bloated all the time. My tummy always felt round, hard from pressure and it was awful physically and mentally, to be honest. It is utterly amazing to me what just clean eating can do for your body and mind. 

It wasn’t my plan to join here in quest of a perfect bikini body or abs, I’ve just wanted to be happier with myself and to be healthier so THANK YOU all for the help and support moving forward”

– TWL Member, Maryann Izzarelli IG & FB: izzarelli


Quick and easy recipes that you’ll enjoy on the classic plan:


Quick and easy recipes that you’ll enjoy on the vegan plan:


Frequently Asked Questions

This is primarily an eating plan. It’s an elimination diet that can help to pin point foods that may be causing gut issues/distress. It ends with a gut healing protocol. The eating plan is meticulously written feel great for most people while aiding in weight loss

I wrote the eating plan to be quick and easy in the kitchen to ensure follow through.

No! I have a ton of men that love and have successfully copleted the program. This program is fantastic for all people regardless of gender.

To reach my team at any time with questions, you can email us at info@hourglassworkout.com. We’re happy to help.

Absolutely! We’re in the process of adding a fun, free 30-day workout calendar to this program as an added bonus. No matter when you purchase/purchased this program, you will get this free update once its released.

You do not need to workout with this program for it to work though. Again, it’s primarily an eating plan.

Nope! Once you own it, you keep it to use as often as you like.

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Lyzabeth Lopez

My name is Lyzabeth Lopez and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Trainer. I’ve trained thousands of people, and have mastered the art of writing an eating plan that is holistic (whole food based to focus on health issues to heal your body naturally while helping you lose weight).

I’ve taken great pride in studying and understanding the effects of food as medicine and how the right foods can heal your body. Some of my education includes: two years full-time at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in addition to studying Health Sciences and Kinesology in college (6 years total of full-time post-secondary schooling to hone my craft). Additionally I’ve worked as a specialty personal trainer, nutritionist and boutique gym owner for over 15 years.


You Will Get Lasting Results

My guarantee to you is that if you commit yourself to the sugar cleanse, you can see lasting results. That means no more low calorie dieting and weight gain rebound. When implemented, the sugar cleanse will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for years that have gotten my clients unbelievable results!