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Success Stories

I’ve helped over 100,000 women achieve weight loss, gain curves, and boost confidence, and I’m here to help you do the same!

Look closely at the After Photos. These women aren’t just slimmer. They’re healthier, fitter, and more shapely! That’s the Hourglass Workout Difference!

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Why 1:1 Online Training with Lyzabeth?

My Postpartum Journey

As a busy mom and CEO who embraced motherhood in my 40s, I grasp the challenges of balancing health and success. Today’s modern women deserve a personalized, effortless program backed by accountability and strong community support.

I have guided thousands of women worldwide over a 30-year career as a trainer, nutritionist and gym owner. My specialties include postpartum moms, peri & menopausal women, and of course, women just looking to take off 20 lbs and feel amazing again! Hormone balance, weight loss, body reshaping – we can cover it! I offer a wealth of experience and genuinely love helping women finally reach their goals. 

If you’re ready to be the best version of yourself, let’s hop on a call to discuss making your goals a reality. 


Transformation Stories


Meet Keisha

Mom quits smoking and takes on the Hourglass Lifestyle and wants you to try it too.

“This just worked for me and it will for you too, just join us and you’ll see“


Meet Natasha

Former track athlete finally found the right program to get back on track with her fitness with the added bonus of building lean, sexy curves!

“The community and the love on the support group was amazing“


Meet Aubrie

Aubrie started a new high level desk job and felt lethargic and tired. Joining Hourglass was tough at first, but it was exactly what she needed to get the bounce back in her step.

"Don't hesitate to start, it will change your life!"


Meet Alyssa

Teenager takes on training with Lyzabeth to complete in her first WBFF show and goes PRO her first time on stage at the World Championships.

“Thank you Lyzabeth for everything, you are the best coach ever!“


Meet Linda

Linda started her health & fitness journey in her late 40’s and is now an unstoppable force who is an inspiration to everyone around her.

“Doesn’t matter what age you start, you just need to start”

Linda’s Hourglass Challenge Winner Video:

Linda’s Hourglass Challenge Winner Acceptance Speech:


Meet Shannon

What started as a short-term program losing 34 lbs in three months became a total body transformation staying with the Hourglass Workout long-term.

“The women are supportive , the instructors are knowledgable and you are motivated to keep going“


Meet Safiya

Long time Hourglass Workout member takes on the WBFF Fitness Stage with Lyzabeth as her coach and goes PRO at her first show.



Meet Julie

Mommy-to-be uses Hourglass Workout to prep for her pre & post pregnancy. She delivers a healthy baby in under 30-minutes and is back in bikini shape shortly after. Watch her mini video journey below.

“I pushed my baby out in 26 minutes“


Meet Ada

Ada, long time Hourglass member talks about how there is no program like Hourglass Workout!

"I left for a minute to try something different, but I came back because there's just no place like Hourglass. It makes me feel proud of my curves and I get really strong and I love it".


Meet Amanda

Amanda joined because she loves a challenge and lost 35lbs in just 3 months.

Describe the Hourglass Workout Challenge in one word “AMAZING!"


Meet Rocky

Long-time Hourglass Workout member explains why joining Hourglass became the best experience of her life 🙂

“Hourglass Workout has been the experience of my life.!“


Meet Sade

Says Hourglass Workout has been the most amazing, life-changing experience, and you should try it too. 

"I am now more confident in my own skin than I have ever been."


Meet Catroina

Catroina was a member of our in-person classes in the early years of Hourglass. Hourglass Workout was established in 2007. We’re proud to still be a top workout 15 years later! Hourglass Workout is a program you can trust!

"I love coming because it's a group atmosphere but everyone wants to see you succeed". (It's like a second family).

What the Socials are Saying


Lyzabeth Lopez

My name is Lyzabeth Lopez and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Trainer. I’ve trained thousands of people, and have mastered the art of writing an eating plan that is holistic (whole food based to focus on health issues to heal your body naturally while helping you lose weight).

I’ve taken great pride in studying and understanding the effects of food as medicine and how the right foods can heal your body. Some of my education includes: two years full-time at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in addition to studying Health Sciences and Kinesiology in college (6 years total of full-time post-secondary schooling to hone my craft). Additionally I’ve worked as a specialty personal trainer, nutritionist and boutique gym owner for over 15 years.