Leni’s Hourglass Transformation & Becoming a Gym Owner

Leni is a long-time and very special Hourglass Workout member. She started as a participant, challenge winner, instructor, and then one of the first location owners of an Hourglass Workout Franchise. 

I could not be luckier to have this intelligent and amazing lady as a participant turned team member. 

Leni’s Hourglass Workout transformation focused on incorporating heavy weights using a progressive overload protocol. We also incorporated functional training, including battle ropes, plyometrics, and kettlebells. For cardio, we included sprint and hill training. 

As for eating, we incorporated a healthy balanced eating plan from the Hourglass Workout Holistic Plans. 

After years of being an essential part of the Hourglass Community, Leni went on to run her very own Hourglass Workout location, training and inspiring hundreds of women. Thank you, Leni, for being part of this amazing journey. 

Leni’s Hourglass Workout Location 

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